Cultivating hope & empowerment in young girls

Summer 2016

Summer 2016

Our Summer 2016 Program was one of hosting many industry experts such as helicopter pilots, robotic researchers, personal fitness specialists, and artists extraordinaire, among many others. The girls loved every minute of enjoying new experiences, gaining exposure to new places, things, and people. This is the essence of Grace in the Mud – learning passion through perseverance.

Class of 2016

We are so proud of our girls and how they have blossomed over the course of the last year. We are blessed to be a part of their life’s journey.

Activity Calendar

The 2016 Summer Program was packed with fun and educational curriculum which appealed to the girls’ dreams and aspirations…learning to ride a horse, what’s it like to be a pilot, and what getting in touch with the inner self through mindful meditation. It was all there. Check out the Activity Calendars below!

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