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Summer Program

About our Summer Program

In 2015, GRACE introduced its first “fully immersive” two-week Summer program with the support of a multitude of local businesses, volunteers, and high school-aged peer mentors. The threads of GRACE’s
mission are woven throughout each curriculum experience and the enrichment program continues to expand upon its early successes.

During the last two weeks of August, GRACE participants gather together at our headquarters in Cherry Hill for 10 consecutive week days. We travel locally to meet with seasoned educators and industry experts to learn about exciting things such as medical robotics, the latest in physical fitness and cross fit exercise, and everything in between.

The curriculum experts at GRACE key into the dreams and aspirations of each of the girls to design fun and uplifting activities as an effort to expand their world view. In doing so, we facilitate interactions for the girls will those you may be considered ‘living the dream’ of some young girl.

In between all the high energy activities such as horseback riding and Zumba, GRACE’s curriculum team interweave self-reflecting activities including mindful meditation and journaling exercises so the girls may capture and manage their thoughts on these transformational experiences. Each morning, we begin the day with a mindful meditation exercise and Tai Chi, which is shown to quiet the mind and get in touch with your body, as it is changing and growing.

GRACE Summer Programs