Cultivating hope & empowerment in young girls


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide fully immersive enrichment programs for young girls ages 9, 10 and 11. Our programs serve to empower girls through:

  • Positive identity formation
  • Character development
  • Civic responsibility

These connections are imperative as the preadolescence girls approach one of the most difficult and rapidly changing times in their overall development as women: adolescence.

To this end, we have partnered with many community business owners and professionals who enable us to provide unique and meaningful learning experiences, outside the classroom, improving the trajectory of their future choices.

Program curriculum is uniquely designed with the girls’ interests in mind with a primary focus on inspiring passion to drive perseverance, aka: grit.

Our programs encourage fun and inclusive opportunities for young girls and their families to connect with mentors from all walks of life; creating community relationships that will promote the safe and healthy realization of each participant’s limitless potentials.

Our Vision

Our Vision is a gender-balanced equal opportunity future of true community.