Cultivating hope & empowerment in young girls

About Us

About Grace in the Mud

GRACE is a purposed-filled 501(c)(3) enrichment program designed especially for girls ages 9, 10, 11 based on the results of an ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Study evaluation.

Studies show that girls are twice as likely as boys to experience a life-altering trauma before the age of 18 which may adversely impact the trajectory of their entire life span. As a special educator, behavioral consultant, and parent training expert who has successfully identified and supported the treatment of such cases, Grace in the Mud Founder/CEO Donna Marie Romani is the catalyst for designing inspirational, experiential and educational program curriculum for preteen girls ages 9-11.

Why Grace?

Throughout her esteemed education and behavior consulting career, Donna Marie Romani recognizes that at one time or another, we all need grace in our lives. Grace in the Mud embodies the support and uplift that vunerable girls need to grow and soar into healthy and productive adults.

How does it work?

Donna and her team design program curriculum to:

  • Promote positive identity formation
  • Facilitate healthy character development
  • Instill civic responsibility

In 2015, she introduced the first “fully immersive” two-week Summer program through which GRACE’s girls gained exposure to unique areas of interest, learned from local experts on a wide range of topics. The threads of Grace in the Mud’s mission were woven throughout each curriculum experience. The enrichment program continues to expand upon its early successes, upward and onward.